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Topeak Hexus X Multi-Tool

Topeak Hexus X Multi-Tool

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The Topeak Hexus X is our favourite tool for emergency repairs on the road or trail - tried and tested by our staff for many years.  

Includes everything you need for the most common repairs, such as tyre levers, chain splitter, all the usual hex sizes and more! 

Hex wrenches - 2 / 2.5 / 3 / 4 (2 pcs) / 5 / 6 mm
Hex bit - 8 mm
Torx® bits - T15 / T25
Torx® wrench - T30
#2 Phillips screwdriver, 14G / 15G spoke wrenches
Steel wire chain hook, 2 engineering grade polymer tire levers
Presta Core Tool and CrMo steel chain tool

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